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T. Scott Hart, CPA

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Empowering Texas residents, farms, and family businesses with confident and stress-free tax strategies.

Texas Residents

Whether you are a native Texan or brand new to the Lone Star State, we can help you. Texas is a very tax friendly state, and with proper tax strategies and planning you can make your tax situation efficient and stress free. Whether you are a career focused individual, family with young children, or looking forward to retirement, we are well positioned to help you.

Farm and Ranch Owners

Many Texans own farms and ranches which bring opportunities as well as challenges with respect to taxes. Whether you have oil and gas production, hunting leases, livestock or equine operations, we can help you navigate the complex and make it simple. We get Texas-things.

Family Businesses

Independent business owners are the backbone of America. At the same time, it can feel like they have a target on their backs with respect to taxes. We help our clients remain fully compliant while taking advantage the multitude of tax benefits available to them.

What Are Your Financial Goals?

Whether it’s tax optimization, wealth accumulation, or asset protection, our services are designed to help you achieve your individual financial goals.  With years of experience as a CPA and financial advisor, Scott is uniquely qualified to help you quantify your goals and develop a well-designed strategy aligned with your unique situation.  Let us guide you toward financial success.